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Gone are the days of 'do it yourself.' Today we do it together.

walk with the dreamers

We’re a bunch of dreamers here at Vim & Co. We get inspired, we create, we work, we adapt, we roll up our sleeves, we learn, we put in our heart and soul, we dream.

Tricia Dyer
Strategist & Creative Director
Entrepreneur In Residence
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Make it happen

Let's combine forces and get it done.
We'll bring expertise and a few laughs, and you bring the beers.


Nail your Product Market Fit and build 'the real MVP'

The top 2 reasons startups fail:

1. No Market Need
2. Running out of money

- CB Insights, 2018

Vim Product Methodology:

  • Reduce time to market and cost to launch vs traditional development

  • Use a proven and facilitated process to de-risk product development

  • Integrate with a cross functional team

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We're diving on idea grenades and arming you for success.

"If you get just one channel to work, you have a great business." - Peter Thiel, Zero to One

Vim Marketing Methodology:

  • Uncover a clear and focused strategy and action plan

  • Identify the most optimal channel for product distribution

  • Deploy a quantifiable customer acquisition plan

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You've come a long way, baby. Build a brand you're proud of.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mahatma Ghandi

Brand Blocks™ Methodology:

  • Dig deep and declare what you truly stand for

  • Deflect what's unimportant

  • Make better and faster decisions

  • Create an intentional culture during hypergrowth

  • Build a tribe of loyal employees and customers

Partnering with Vim & Co. took our product to the next level.
They took the time to understand not just our platform, but also our mission and pushed us to make sure that was reflected in every element of the design. From there, they created beautiful, intuitive designs that give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They will be the first person we call for any future design needs.
Anne Stucky
Vim & Co. are rockstars!
I can't thank them enough for all their help and for such amazing work! Everything looked absolutely gorgeous. I have full confidence we'll be turning to them for help in the near future!
As a leader and visionary, you wake up every day hoping to find partners that are simply the right fit;
You hope to find people that are truly living out their god given gifts. Vim & Co. are those people. Simply put, they are the real deal.
Nathan bourne

Purpose in our passion

Our vision is for business creators to inspire the world.

At Vim & Co. we wish to see people identify and utilize their God-given talents to truly connect with each other. So our mission is to encourage and equip those with a gift and a purpose, using design in business as a valuable tool to connect us all. We are only small, but by combining our talents and efforts, together, we can achieve great things.


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